PC&D's 2011 Top 50 list - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

PC&D’s 2011 Top 50 list

Ranking the nation's largest conveyor carwash chains by the numbers.

Professional Carwashing & Detailing’s Top 50 list is comprised of the nation’s largest conveyorized carwash chains, ranked by number of locations and according to information supplied by the company. There may be other carwash chains that qualify for PC&D’s Top 50 list, but are not included in this report because the number of locations could not be verified by a company representative. Also, because a few locations had six locations in total, the list went over 50.

If you know of a firm that has been omitted, please email Editor Debra Gorgos at [email protected].

Rank Carwash Website Locations
1 Wash Depot, Malden, MA www.washdepot.com 84
2 Mister Car Wash, Tucson, AZ www.mistercarwash.com 69
3 Autobell Car Wash, Charlotte, NC www.autobell.com 63
4 Mike’s Express Car Wash, Indianapolis, IN www.mikesexpress.com 38
5 AutoWorld Car Wash, Los Gatos, CA www.AutoWorldCarWash.com 37
6 Delta Sonic, Buffalo, NY www.deltasoniccarwash.com 28
7 Original $2 Car Wash, Livonia, MI N/A 28
8 Terrible Herbst, Las Vegas, NV www.terribleherbst.com 28
9 Goo Goo Car Wash, Columbus, GA www.googoocarwash.com 27
10 Drive Clean, LLC (Boomerang), North Little Rock, AR www.boomerangcarwash.com 27
11 Octopus Car Wash, Albuquerque, NM www.octopuscarwash.com 22
12 Regal Auto Wash, Scottsdale, AZ www.regalautowash.com 20
13 Wash Tub Car Wash, San Antonio, TX www.washtubcarwash.com 20
14 American Auto Wash Inc., Malvern, PA www.gasnwash.com 20
15 Brown Bear Car Wash, Seattle, WA www.brownbear.com 20
16 Splash Car Wash, Stamford, CT www.splashcarwashes.com 19
17 Waterway Gas & Wash Co., St. Louis, MO www.waterway.com 19
18 Express Car Wash*, Deerfield, FL www.theexpresscarwash.com 18
19 ScrubaDub, Natick, MA www.scrubadub.com 17
20 Kaady Car Wash, Portland, OR www.kaady.com 16
21 Mr. Clean Car Wash, Duluth, GA www.mrcleancarwash.com 16
22 Golden Nozzle Car Wash, Springfield, MA www.flroberts.com 15
23 Quick Quack, Carmichael, CA www.dontdrivedirty.com 15
24 Car Spa Inc., Dallas, TX www.carspa.net 15
25 Letavis Cloth Wash, Swartz Creek, MI www.fasteddiesoil.com 13
26 Danny’s Family Carousel Car Wash, Scottsdale, AZ www.dannysfamily.com 13
27 Prime Shine Car Wash, Modesto, CA www.primeshine.com 13
28 Bubbles Car Wash, Houston, TX www.bubblescarwash.com 13
29 Hoffman Car Wash, Albany, NY www.hoffmancarwash.com 13
30 Fuller’s Car Wash, Brookfield, IL www.fullerscarwash.com 12
31 Scrub-a-Dub, West Allis, WI www.scrubadub.biz 12
32 Shammy Shine, Milford, NY www.shammyshine.com 12
33 Washman, LLC, Portland, OR www.washmanusa.com 12
34 Haffner’s Car Care Group, Lawrence, MA www.haffners.com 11
35 Forster Bros. Auto Wash, Waterford, MI N/A 11
36 Triangle Car Wash, Palmyra, PA www.trianglecarwashes.com 10
37 Mr. Sparkle, South Windsor, CT www.mrsparklecarwash.com 10
38 Super Shine Auto Wash, Braintree, MA www.supershineautowash.com 10
39 Elephant Car Wash, Auburn, WA www.elephantcarwash.com 10
40 Car Wash USA Express, Byhalia, MS www.carwashusaexpress.com 10
41 PDQ, Green Bay, WI www.pdqcarwash.com 9
42 Super Car Wash, Royal Oaks, MI www.supercarwash.net 9
43 Cactus Car Wash, Charleston, SC www.cactuscarwash.com 9
44 Mr. Wash Car Wash, Washington, D.C. www.mrwash.com 8
45 Arizona Auto Wash, Mesa, AZ www.arizonaautowash.com 8
46 Car Pool Inc., Richmond, VA www.carpool-llc.com 8
47 Fabulous Freddy’s, Las Vegas, NV www.fabfred.com 7
48 Peterson’s Soft Cloth, Staunton, VA www.petersons1.com 7
49 Tidal Wave Auto Spa, Thomaston, GA www.tidalwaveautospa.com 7
50 Beacon Bay Enterprises, Costa Mesa, CA www.beaconbay.com 6
50 Paradise Car Wash & Detail Center, Bloomington, MN www.paradisecarwash.com 6
50 Turtle Wax, Chicago, IL www.turtlewaxcarwash.com 6
50 Shur-Kleen Carwash, Mill Creek, WA www.shur-kleen.com 6
50 Benny’s Car Wash, Baton Rouge, LA www.bennyscarwash.com 6
50 White Glove Car Wash, Wilmington, DE www.whiteglovecarwash.com 6

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