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Shop employees found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning

HOLBROOK, N.Y. — The owner of the shop occasionally slept at the business.

HOLBROOK, N.Y. — A detail shop owner and his employee were found dead at Super Auto Detail due to carbon monoxide poisoning, according to the Long Island Press.

Relatives of owner Porfiro Alvarez, 54, became concerned after they had been unable to contact him for two days, noted the article. Police arrived at the detail shop and found the bodies.

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Alvarez’ van had been left running with the heat set on high, stated the article. Police found the van’s gas tank empty. Alvarez was found lying next to the van, and his employee, 25-year-old Jose Rufino Gonzalez, was found on a mattress in the back of the van.

“It appears that Alvarez and Gonzalez, who occasionally slept at the business, were apparently overcome by the carbon monoxide fumes that emanated from the van,” police said in the article.

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