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Sponsored blog: Spring Cleaning Checklist for Car Wash Owners

If your car wash looks appealing, you have a greater opportunity to please customers.

Sponsored by Kleen-Rite Corp.

For more than 50 years, Kleen-Rite supplies car wash owners with the widest selection of car wash equipment at the best possible prices. The Kleen-Rite creed is to be “Your reliable supplier for the car wash industry” and provide “The best for less!” because the customers are the foundation of the business. Whatever your car wash needs — from pumps and pump accessories to vending products and vacuums — you will find it at Kleen-Rite Corp. Kleen-Rite’s car wash superstore is a one-stop shop for all your car wash supply needs. For more information visit https://www.kleen-ritecorp.com/default.aspx or call toll free 800-233-3873.

Many car wash owners experience harsh winter weather that can cause damage to car wash equipment. As spring temperatures begin to rise, it is a great time to stop and check the state of your bays. There are several ways to do some spring cleaning at your car wash. If your car wash looks appealing, you have a greater opportunity to please customers. If your bay looks rundown, customers may leave to wash elsewhere. This post serves as a spring cleaning checklist, so car wash owners can feel more prepared than ever for the new season.

Basic Inspection

First, it is important to take a walk around your property and see if you notice any signs of wear and tear. Clear debris around the property, look for fading paint in and around the buildings, and check for fading signage. Check your equipment for signs of wear or damage, including your foamy brush heads.

Quick Fixes

Test that coin changing machines and bill readers function properly, so customers can buy your services. Many times, a machine malfunctions because it is dirty. Kleen-Rite sells credit card reader and bill validator cleaning cards that are easy to use. Feed the cleaning card into the device to remove dirt and buildup. If this does not cut it, it may be a good time to invest in new units.

Turn off your weep systems if they are no longer in use and turn off your floor heat. Floor heating helps prevent freezing in the winter, but turning it off will help save electric bill costs in the spring!

Switch your foamy chemical from winter foam brush to foam brush in all your self-serve bays. Swap out your salt remover self-serve meter box option with bug remover. While you’ll no longer be needing to remove harsh road salts, you’ll need to prepare for the bug and pollen season.

Replace any hoses, guns, spray tips, or brush heads that have suffered damage over the winter. Hoses and guns sometimes experience cracks and leaks in freezing temperatures. These bay accessories are the items the customer sees and touches, so you want to make sure that they look good and work well.

Use Klean-Wall to spray and rinse off even the dirtiest bay walls for great results. Salt and grime gets stuck on car undercarriages as well as in your car wash bay as they are washed off vehicles. Klean-Wall helps remove the salt and grime that has built up after busy months of car washing. Otherwise, you may see some damage and corrosion in the bay. Shop Klean-Wall at Kleen-Rite in 5 and 55 gallon quantities. Kleen-Rite even offers a sample 16 oz. bottle for testing so you can see how well it works!

Next Steps

Many customers will stay inside their cars in cold weather, but as the weather warms, more customers will flock to your vac islands, and your vacuums will be in high demand. Be sure your vacuums are ready for the spring cleaning rush! Check motors, hoses, and gaskets for signs of wear. One easy way to test this is to run the vacuum and make sure it maintains good power and pressure. Be sure to clean out or replace vacuum filter bags. You will want to keep your vacuums running and looking good for the extra income. This is a good time to replace your vacuum decals, too.

It may be time to buy some new signage. Faded or cracked signs make your bays look rundown. Keep things fresh with bright and colorful signs and banners. When you commit to buying new signage, you will also want to think about launching a new promotion or advertisement. Spring is a great time to offer a coupon or service to freshen up customers’ cars after the long winter. For example, run a special that includes undercarriage cleaning since road salt and brine can lead to corrosion. Display your message or special with an appropriate and appealing sign.

You may also need new decals and overlays to advertise new vending products. As the weather warms up, customers will be more likely to get out of their cars and make a stop at your vending machines. Spring is a great time to introduce some new items and stock up on top sellers. Kleen-Rite carries air fresheners, vending towels, and multi-purpose cleaners at low wholesale prices. These products are great impulse buys to boost sales at your car wash.

When you make these upgrades to your wash, you will be ahead of the game. Preventative maintenance after each winter season will keep your wash running smoothly and will keep customers happy.

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