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Detailing survey results and feedback

Detailers share their thoughts and predictions for the industry and their businesses.

PC&D detailing survey
Wash of the Week: Gleam Car Wash

Through eco-friendly washes and compassionate hiring practices, this flex-serve stands out.

7 types of products to avoid when detailing interiors

Avoiding these seven products is essential when considering safety and the longevity of the interiors.

Washing a limousine: what you need to know

From investing in the right equipment, strategically pricing your services and having enough manpower for the job, there’s a lot of factors that go into washing limos.

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Wash Talk Ep. 90: State of the Detailing Industry

This audio reading of “State of the detailing industry” discusses where the detailing industry is a year and a half into the pandemic.

5 tips for keeping a vehicle like new

Professional carwashes and detailers play an important role.

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3 tools to make detailing easier

A review of some important cleaning technologies.

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Wash Talk Ep. 84: Pungent Pet Problems

This audio reading of “Pungent pet problems” discusses how to get rid of pet odors from inside vehicles.

The state of the detailing industry

How new services and operational flexibility helped this market rebound from 2020.

How to clean an engine

Eleven steps to cleaning a car engine safely.

engine cleaning
PC&D Unscripted 33: Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Processes and Equipment

Bud Abraham, a carwash and detailing consultant, discusses proper interior cleaning techniques.

carpet and upholstery cleaning
Carpet extractors vs. vapor steam cleaners

Get the best of both cleaners.

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