This could be the very key itself to good business practice. Consistency is what franchises are built around. McDonald’s pioneered and epitomizes this idea. When you walk into a McDonald’s anywhere in the world, you know exactly what you are going to get when you order a quarter pounder, right down to the exact ingredients, quantities, and order of toppings.

Think about your car wash. Do you offer you customers a consistent experience? The only way to grow your business and continually increases your revenue is through the power of consistency. How do you begin to achieve a consistent wash process you may ask? It depends heavily on your wash type. For an Express, it’s all about friendly attendants and delivering a wash that’s always the same. The process of getting the wash to come out with consistent results is achieved through having high maintenance standards and set procedures in writing. The more employees you have the harder it is to achieve consistency. Having well documented procedures and a thoroughly trained staff will help achieve that consistency. You don’t show up to McDonalds and tell them how you’re going to cook the fries…

With consistency, proper planning of strategies and alignment with industry experts you can run a top-notch successful business. Don’t reinvent the wheel, or ever find yourself saying “my business is different, I don’t have to follow that rule.” The wheel is pretty darn efficient and while some rules may be made to be broken, these are not. Good business management equals good business. Period.

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