8 tips for new carwash owners - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

8 tips for new carwash owners

Small but important steps new carwash owners should remember to become a pro.

For many, cleaning cars is not just a job, it’s also a passion. That’s why carwash owners and employees work so hard to get the best possible results and the cleanest finish. However, not everyone, especially new carwash owners, knows all the tricks of the trade, and sometimes professionals ask themselves if there is a better way, or one that produces even cleaner results.

We learn something new every day, and the car cleaning industry is not exempt from that rule. So, whether operators are experienced professionals or just starting out, they may just find a little trick they didn’t know before.

Here are some tips and tricks for professional car cleaning and getting a superb finish at the end for new carwash owners or those looking to enter the market. For new carwash owners that follow these tips, customer satisfaction may just go off the charts.

Keep it clean

One simple tip, but it is easily forgotten by the most seasoned of workers, is keeping cleaning products clean. Don’t let gunk build up on the lids of the chemical products or equipment. After all, that gunk attracts dirt and dust that is only going to get spread across the car that workers are so meticulously cleaning.

Tools of the trade

This one is more for the beginners. When cleaning a car make sure to use and invest in professional tools and cleaning liquids as opposed to those made for household use. An example being that dishwashing liquid is not suitable for professionally cleaning a car. Leave this product to driveway washes who will suffer the consequences. Professional, proven products might seem costly, especially when someone is just starting out, but it is worth the cost in the long run. After all, a good result leads to more clients which then lead to more income.

The little things new carwash owners should know

Details are so important, especially when cleaning cars. Workers need to make sure they get every inch, every gap and in all of the corners. The client is paying for an excellent and high-quality job. This includes the hard-to-reach part of the wheels, which should always be spotless after cleaning.

After all, it looks odd at the end if the car is shining but the wheels are still dull and spotted with mud. If the details seem overwhelming to workers, plan it out before starting, but never skimp on those extra details. A business may not get caught the first time, but someone notice down the line. The reputation of a business and new carwash owners is not worth it.

Some carwashers will roll the car backwards and forwards when cleaning to ensure every inch of the wheel is spotless.

Go the extra mile

People appreciate receiving a little favor, and it might lead to free word-of-mouth referrals. Go the extra mile for loyal customers and customers who infrequently complain. As examples, offer a free wax or tire cleaning as a complimentary treatment. Wax can protect customers’ cars from the elements and also from scratches, so this value-added service is something customers are sure to appreciate.

Treat every car as your own

The state and appearance of a car is a reflection of the person driving it, and that is why many people ask professionals to clean their cars. They want something that not only looks great, but provides a positive image of them as well. When cleaning someone’s car, new carwash owners should treat it as if it were their own. That way, it receives the love and attention that it needs to look amazing.

Practice proper vacuum services

When vacuuming the interior of a car, many workers will just go straight to it. However, there is a great tip for getting the best results and keeping interior areas clean. If you use a thick and strong bristled brush to rub the carpet, it is easy to get all of the old mud and dirt clumps loose and ready for vacuuming. This is especially important if a worker plans on shampooing the carpet as the cleaning will otherwise end up pushing the dirt in farther.

An new carwash owner can save a lot of time by investing in a quality commercial vacuum that is proven in the professional carwashing industry.

Remember, when cleaning carpet, brush, vacuum, shampoo/wash and then vacuum again.

Drying the car

Just as when purchasing a vacuum that is suitable and effective in a carwashing environment, selecting a proven carwash dryer for your wash’s format is a must. And, while most new investors will focus on drying equipment, it is important to pay just as much attention to supplies, including towels as well.

Large microfiber cloths are recommended for the finishing stages of your wash. Make sure they are thick and good quality, too. Use one towel for the main drying and then a second, dry towel for finishing and getting any last drips of water from the body of the car.

Never do this

Never wash the interior of a car with tons of water. The best way to scrub the seats and upholstery is with a damp sponge or cloth. This way the padding won’t soak, and it can also dry faster.

Never use a sponge on plastic surfaces, instead use a slightly damp microfiber cloth. The electronics will not react well to a lot of soapy water, and an operator doesn’t want to end up with the repair bill.

And, never forget the customers’ needs as a new carwash owner. Customers are a great resource to use when looking to advance and build your new business. You learn something new in this business every day and the customers can teach you how to make your business better.

Learning the tricks of the trade never happens overnight, and every washer has his or her own secrets for the perfect finish. Hopefully these little tips and reminders have given insight into some of the things workers and owners can do for a better clean. After all, the better the finish the more likely a business is to grow through good reviews and word-of-mouth.

Just remember to never skimp on the details, treat the car like your own and always go the extra mile to make a customer happy.

Will Tottle is a freelance writer and regular blogger at willtottlewriter.wordpress.com. If you are interested in more information on anything vacuum related, check smartvacuums.co.uk for more details. Follow Tottle on Facebook or Google+.

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