Blending in technology to meet demand - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Blending in technology to meet demand

Teach employees to avoid the "technology trap."

There’s no doubting it any longer. Key indicators suggest more cars and more potential customers are on the road today — and passing by your business — than there possibly have been in decades. Lower gas prices, more jobs and a recovering economy are gradually lifting spirits and filling wallets. People are starting to spend their money on more of the things that make them feel good, such as, of course, washing their cars.

With the increased car counts, carwash owners and operators must continue to find ways to automate services at their locations in order to provide quick, efficient, consistent and effective washes. From directing and loading cars to collecting payments, incorporating modern technology can not only enhance a site’s image, but it can also improve operations inside and outside the carwash.

More carwashes are incorporating tablets and other mobile devices to improve operations. From managing and monitoring resources, such as water usage, to simply staying in touch with coworkers on- and off-site, these technologies can maximize a business’ bottom line and elevate its customer service.  

However, at the recent The Car Wash Show™ 2015, NCAA basketball coach Rick Pitino provided the keynote address and offered several examples of how mobile technology can be helpful and disruptive. When providing mobile devices to employees that have regular contact with customers, be sure they understand to avoid the “technology trap.” Employees should never be distracted by a mobile device in front of a customer, and even holding one might signal lack of interest in a customer’s issue or feedback.


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