Celebrating a centennial with some redesigns - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Celebrating a centennial with some redesigns

Our magazine and website will get a new look in honor of Babcox Media's 100th anniversary.

Babcox Media: Established in 1920. Reinvented every day. 

Akron, Ohio-based Babcox Media remains a strong B2B media leader in the auto care, tire, performance, commercial trucking, dealership, powersports and enthusiast markets. As the publisher of this publication as well as 20 other automotive-focused brands approaches its centennial anniversary, we have redesigned our magazine and shifted our content focus to serve our customers and readers better.

We are pleased to offer this modernized look and content approach starting with the October 2019 issue. You will now notice color-coded sections, organizing business and technical articles, as examples, as well as larger imagery throughout highlighting the latest in professional carwashing technologies.  

And, there are more changes in the planning stages for 2020. Our team is currently working on redesigning Carwash.com and digital offerings, such as Carwash eNews. 

The entire Babcox team has worked hard on these redesigns, and we look forward to your feedback. Congratulations to Babcox Media for reaching its 100-year anniversary next year. We’re excited to be a part of the company’s future.     

In this issue of Professional Carwashing & Detailing, we look at what you need to know to sell your carwash. With so many acquisitions occurring in the professional carwashing industry, one might think there are only two types of operators these days: buyers and sellers.

Once populated by generations of family-owned businesses, our industry has attracted institutional investors who are moving “at an extremely rapid pace,” according to one industry expert I recently spoke with regarding acquiring and building new carwash locations.

If you are an interested seller, ensuring a fair valuation for your business and working with the buyers to either transfer out of the business or remain active in it should be only some of the important details you need to work out before signing the paperwork. 

This month’s lead feature is for potential sellers. Our senior editor, Meagan Kusek, covers the current trend of private equity’s emergence in the market and the important factors that sellers need to know in order to reach the right deal with a buyer.

In addition to covering these critical trends in recent and upcoming issues, we also have a video series planned this month that covers the topic of acquisitions and new development. We take a look at some of the pros and cons of new builds and acquisitions. Be sure to check out our video page at www.carwash.com/category/original-video.

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