PLEASANTON, Calif. — Diamond Auto Detailing was recognized by the city council for its 15 years in business, according to

Several businesses were acknowledged for their commitment to the town, said the article. Businesses achieving 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40 years in business received a gift from the city.

“Pleasanton's quality of life is closely tied to the economic vitality of our business community, and we are honored to publicly recognize these businesses' milestones,” shared Economic Development Director Pamela Ott, in the article.

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Ott added that these businesses provide jobs and services valued by residents, reported the article.

“The companies represent a continuum from small, sole proprietorships that provide everyday services to medium sized firms making advancements in their industry to national retailers,” Ott continued in the article. “That diversity is what makes Pleasanton's business community as strong as it is.”

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