Ground Breaking - April 2013 - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Ground Breaking – April 2013

Russell Speeders operates 18 carwash outlets nationally, and its newest location should open in May.


Russell Speeders operates 18 carwash outlets nationally, and its newest location should open in May.

An existing carwash site here will be renovated by the chain. The updated wash will include all-new equipment, an outdoor patio and an interior waiting area including WiFi and Apple computers.

Michael Shullman, who’s family operates the carwash chain, said it include an eatery that will be a cross between a Starbucks and a high-end restaurant.

The new location will be something of a homecoming for Shullman who grew up in the area and worked at the same site as a boy with his grandfather.

Shullman’s grandfather owned the carwash business in the 1960s, but the family leased the site long-term to another company in the 1980s.

The site’s renovation will take several months, and Shullman will spend six months in the city hiring new employees and opening the business. The chain is promoting the new wash opening with a contest for two years of free carwashes.


A new tunnel construction project planned here by Old Dominion Car Wash Services was announced by PECO Car Wash Systems, according to a press release.

The Feb. 7 release stated that the Flagstop 105-foot Express Wash will be built on the site of an old eight-bay self-serve carwash. The new tunnel will be a $5 express exterior wash.

This lot is one of seven sites that Flagstop owns and operates in the Richmond, VA, area.

Old Dominion Car Wash Services has been active in the full-service, express exterior and self-serve businesses as well as gas and lube centers for over 30 years.


Mike’s Carwash will be opening its 42nd location here, making it the third state in which the chain operates.

The chain already has locations in Indiana and Ohio.

The new carwash will bring 18 jobs to the city.


It’s taken about two years, but Jess Ford’s detail shop is finally under construction here.

The 30 by 60-foot shop will be across the street from a Ford dealership and will perform checks on the cars being purchased.

Wade Jess, president of the dealership, installed a used vehicle lot there and also traveled to Ford’s main plant to discuss the shop.


A self storage company announced the beginning of a new division, Deluxe Car Storage, in a press release.

The Feb. 5 release stated that a car storage location minutes away from the Long Island Expressway will have facilities where car enthusiasts can store their luxury, exotic or classic cars in a deluxe environment.

The storage facility has partnered with preferred vendors to provide special pricing on automotive services, such as detailing services, inspections, maintenance and transport.

Cars stored at the business will be pampered, but the site also includes a deluxe car club. Members can relax in a lounge and watch events on a large TV screen. Also, the walls are glass so members can view their cars and other members’ cars.

“At Deluxe Car Storage, we’re dedicated to providing a state of the art, safe, clean environment for car enthusiasts to store classic, custom and luxury vehicles. Why? Because we’re car lovers, too,” Nicholas Coslov, CEO of Deluxe Car Storage, said in the release. “We’re creating the kind of place where people can meet, talk shop, swap stories and, of course, show off their cars. It’s the most high-end, secure luxury car storage environment you’ll find in New York. It has to be — we store our cars here, too!”


A third generation carwasher bought a new location that includes full interior detailing services.

Bobby Marchenese bought the family business in 2008 and brought the chain here last year. The wash property was last remodeled in April of 2012.

Here, a full interior detail costs $75. The service takes at least three hours, and the interior is steam cleaned.


The Shammy Shine carwash here, which has been out of business for five months due to a fire, reopened in February.

The fire started in the detailing section and tore through the automatic carwash. Since then, many renovations and upgrades have been installed.

Referring to the new air blower, Craig Stem, president of the Shammy Shine chain, said it’s much more efficient and quieter than the older version. He said they expect cars to be dry before they come out of the building.

Upgrades were also made to the apparatus to lessen the amount of manual prep needed.

One big change for the carwash is that a fire alarm system, which is connected to a monitoring service, has also been installed. There are also extra fire walls in the roof.

The quick lube portion of the business reopened a week after the fire and a hand-washing operation was set up in the self-serve bays. The staff used brushes, cloths, sponges and tubs of soapy water. Manager Matt Grouleff said they did have to cease operations for about a week at one point due to the extreme cold weather conditions.


The master plans for a few additions to the Costco wholesale center here were approved and those plans include a carwash.

Plans call for a 3,200-square-foot automatic carwash and an attendant building.

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