Inside the December 2020 issue of PC&D - Professional Carwashing & Detailing
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Inside the December 2020 issue of PC&D

When selling your business and sharing its information, how much is too much? How can you ensure you don’t share TMI — too much information — during the sale of your business? Knowing when and with whom to share vital business information is as important as deciding which information is best to share. After all, if employees and customers prematurely find out about the potential sale of your carwash(es), the outcomes of this early disclosure could be undesirable.

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As a result, author Harry Caruso states in this month’s article on the topic, “The largest potential downside to a carwash owner that can result from a sales process is people becoming generally aware it’s for sale at all.” 

Whether you are currently considering a sale or not, knowing the ins and outs of information sharing is critically important to a successful sale and transition, so be prepared ahead of time. Read Caruso’s article to find out how to best position your information sharing strategy during a sales process.


Also included in this issue, we have part two of RL “Bud” Abraham’s article, “Express plus.” In last month’s article, which can be found on, Abraham covered some recent trends that have helped the carwash industry evolve as labor and operating costs have increased in recent decades. In this issue, he covers which costs, volumes and necessities you can expect when utilizing the “express plus” model.

Furthermore, have you ever asked: Is bad water holding me back? We have the answer to this question and many other water-related inquiries in this issue as well. This month’s Tech Focus article features the importance of proper water quality and the scientific research you need to know in order to guarantee that poor water quality is not flushing your profits down the drain. 


These in-depth features are just some examples of the content included in this issue. From reading about news and new product information to reducing risk during site selection and tips for headlight restoration services, we hope you enjoy our last issue of the year.

This year has been filled with new challenges, and our industry’s resilience continues to be challenged. It has been a pleasure and privilege to keep you informed and educated this year and every year we have been serving the industry since 1976. Thank you for reading and thank you for your support.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from the entire Professional Carwashing & Detailing team.  

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