One of the main ingredients for a successful car wash owner or manager is to have “spark”.

From the moment you started in the car wash industry it gripped you. You knew this job was the one. It was a breath of fresh air and provided challenges and nonstop action. It also seemed to provide the professional challenges and growth you were craving. The spark turned into a fire, the fire and passion raged, and then one day the fire went out!

The first day was amazing and so were the weeks and months that followed. You felt stimulated, purposeful, and enjoyed the work. However, time has passed and things no longer feel the same. You are tired, overworked, and under-stimulated. Getting up in the morning is hard. The magic is gone. You just don’t know what to do. One reason why many of us lose the passion for our work is because we get stuck in a rut. We get bored doing the same tasks day after day. What once was stimulating is now routine. However, you can get back the spark and motivation from the early days by taking on new projects at work that expose you to different elements of your organization. Here’s how:

Take an objective look at your organization to identify needs that are not being met and areas for growth and new trends in the industry. Talk with employees about the work they do and help they might need or go to the owner or partners and ask about new projects or challenges he or she needs help with. Look in trade magazines for new ideas and industry trends and identify one or two that would be exciting for you to tackle. After you have chosen the project or projects you want to tackle, develop an action plan. Think about how to handle the issue at hand and identify the key people and resources that you would need to successfully complete the project.

If your project is accepted you’ll likely have to take on extra duties. Spend time thinking about how you’ll manage these additional responsibilities and how your ongoing duties will change. Look at the progress and changes within your car wash and the difference it has made to the well-being of the company. Don’t worry about the spark fading, its normal. The key thing is to get it back every time it starts to fade. By seeing your organization in a new way and taking on new challenges, you can reinvent things and always keep the spark alive.

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