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Wash Talk Ep. 54: Undercarriage Washes and Rust Prevention

This audio reading of “Undercarriage washes and rust prevention” covers underbody care.

The truth about the origins of scratches and swirls

Contrary to popular customer belief, carwashes do not scratch cars.

scratches, swirls, swirl marks
Carwashing vs. detailing

What are the basic differences between these two services?

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PC&D Unscripted 22: Correcting micro scratches and swirl marks

Richard Reina from CARiD.com discusses common clear-coat issues and fixes.

micro scratches
Brighten up sales with headlight restoration

Shine a high beam on this additional profit center.

headlight restoration
Wash Talk Ep. 48: Understanding Ceramic Coatings

Joe Labeots, research scientist at CSI-Lustra, discusses carwash chemistry, with a particular focus on protectants, including ceramic coatings.

Inside the December 2020 issue of PC&D

A look at some of the articles in our final issue of the year.

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Express plus

The carwash concept of the future.

express plus detailing
PC&D Unscripted 16: Friction versus touchless

Larry McCarty, vice president of sales for Mark VII Equipment Inc., explains key differences between the two wash types.

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Wash Talk Ep. 44: Causes and Treatments for Micro Scratches

This audio reading of “Causes and treatments for micro scratches” discusses what causes micro scratches and how to treat them.

How to price auto detail services

Don’t sell price; sell need and value.

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Wash Talk Ep. 32: Carwash Chemicals 101

This audio reading of “Carwash chemicals 101” covers the basics of the standard chemicals in the carwash industry.