Preparing for the 2024 SCWA Convention & EXPO

Advancing your business at SCWA’s event

Let the learning and the good times roll.

February is fast becoming one of my favorite months for two reasons — it includes the biggest pro football game of the season and it features the first major trade show of the year in the professional carwashing industry. It’s always great to catch up with new and old friends of the publication and the educational and networking sessions are always top-notch at the Southwest Car Wash Association’s (SCWA) Convention & EXPO. And, I’m not just writing this because I am again scheduled to moderate the Closing Session Panel Discussion this year … although it doesn’t hurt.

During this year’s panel discussion, we’re scheduled to discuss the important and evolving role operator excellence is playing in the carwash business today. In decades’ past, punch cards and stamps were used to build and keep track of customer loyalty and rewards. Labor and cash and coin machines lead the payment charge. Going through the wash was a one-size-fits-all experience, for better or worse. These antiquated methods have been replaced by leading tech and I’m excited to hear how carwashes continue to be changed in this transformative digital age.

The convention returns to its familiar host city Fort Worth, Texas. The show is scheduled to take place on Feb. 28 through March 1. If you’re reading this issue early enough in the month, there is still time to make plans to register and attend this great event. At the time of writing this editor’s note, over 150 companies, including Professional Carwashing & Detailing and, will fill the expo hall to greet attendees eager to advance their businesses and market acumen.

Outside of show hours, attendees will have plenty of opportunities to sit in and participate in the many educational sessions the association has planned, including another impressive roster of presenters and speakers, such as football great Emmitt Smith. SCWA’s seminars offer valuable educational opportunities, empowering participants with knowledge crucial for business growth. Attending SCWA’s 2024 Convention & EXPO is a strategic investment in professional development and business expansion.

Trade shows offer immense value for businesses and professionals by providing a platform for networking, showcasing products and staying updated on industry trends. At this month’s SCWA event, you can expect to have many face-to-face interactions, allowing for meaningful connections with potential clients, partners and industry experts — a personal experience that technology may never be able to replace in the future.

The exposure gained at trade shows can enhance brand visibility and credibility. Moreover, these events serve as a hub for discovering new solutions, technologies and market insights, giving attendees a competitive edge throughout the year. 

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