Infographic: Water contaminants of carwash concern - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Infographic: Water contaminants of carwash concern

What’s in your water?

In Professional Carwashing & Detailing’s upcoming July issue article, “Winning with water,” Group Editorial Director/Chief Editor Rich DiPaolo discusses the importance of water in carwashing by breaking down the different types of water used: fresh water, filtered water and reclaim water.

DiPaolo then goes on to provide an in-depth analysis of water reclaim systems, including questions you should ask yourself if you’re thinking of purchasing one, and reverse osmosis systems, which filter water for “spot-free rinses” by forcing it through one or more semipermeable membranes.

In the article, DiPaolo writes, “More carwashes today are adopting spot-free water. Using this filtered water, typically achieved with RO, not only eliminates spots, but it also reduces the labor that is needed to deliver excellent final wash results. … In order to maximize performance and the RO membrane’s usable life, experts recommend regular water testing for a variety of reasons. … There are several impurities as well as contaminants that can affect a membrane’s effectiveness. High levels of chlorine, as an example, can degrade the RO’s membrane.”

PC&D created an infographic highlighting seven conditions and contaminants carwash owners and operators need to strictly monitor.

Stay on the lookout for the full article when it publishes to learn more about important, eco-friendly water systems for your carwash.

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