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9 new technologies transforming the modern carwash

Innovation is now the name of the game.

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Wash Talk Ep. 140: Comparing Soft-Touch and Touchless Carwashing

Many customers prefer friction, but some say you can’t touch this.

Comparing soft touch and touchless carwashing

Many customers prefer friction, but some say you can’t touch this.

Wash of the Week: Splash N Dash Car Wash

Self service and automatic washes work together at this Oklahoma-based carwash.

Carwash Connection: Friction vs. touch-free

There’s more to the difference than just brushes and high-pressure water.

Carwash Connection: IBA Overview

In-bay automatics far outnumber conveyors and self-serves across the globe.

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PC&D Unscripted 16: Friction versus touchless

Larry McCarty, vice president of sales for Mark VII Equipment Inc., explains key differences between the two wash types.

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Wash Talk Ep. 25: How to Make a Self-Serve Carwash Stand Out

Dave Edwards, a carwash owner and treasurer for the Car Wash Association of Pennsylvania, discusses ways to set a self-serve apart from its competition.

Wash Talk Ep. 17: Success Tips from United Auto Wash

Ron Carlson and Phil Marquart of United Auto Wash explain what has made their company become so successful.

Wash Talk Ep. 11: The Potential of IBAs

Jeremiah Hruby of Petit Auto Wash and Jason Hayes of Leadership Industries discuss all things IBA, including pros and cons and operational best practices.

Pros and cons: soft-touch vs. touch-free carwashing

Is one better than the other?

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IBA advantages

Why this established wash format remains popular despite sweeping industry changes.

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