Wash of the Week: Splash N Dash Car Wash

Wash of the Week: Splash N Dash Car Wash

Self service and automatic washes work together at this Oklahoma-based carwash.

Since buying a single-site carwash in Blackwell, Oklahoma, almost 20 years ago, the husband and wife owners of Splash N Dash Car Wash have stayed on top of the industry trends. Throughout the years, the carwash facility located at 520 W. Doolin Ave. has operated as a quarter-only self serve and a self-serve carwash with one automatic bay that eventually transitioned to a touchless operation.

The original carwash, which was built sometime around the 1960’s, looks completely different today. “There’s not much left of the original structure,” revealed Owner TJ Greenfield.

Today, Splash N Dash utilizes top technologies from the carwashing industry. In fact, the team completely renovated the facility in 2015, converting the open truck bay, as seen on the far left of the picture above, into an enclosed automatic bay.

Keeping with the current trends and customer expectations, after the 2015 renovation Splash N Dash also began offering monthly club plans. There are three tiers of membership options, ranging from $20-$30 a month. The most affordable “Classic Wash Touch Free” membership includes a pre soak, high pressure wash, high pressure rinse, spot free rinse, under carriage wash, side blasters, triple foam condition and vortex dry, while the all-encompassing “The Works Touch Free” membership also applies a storm shield and hot wax shine coating.

In the self-serve bays, customers have access to triple color foam brushes, clear coat foam application gun, tire shine and in-bay handheld dryers. Those opting for a self service wash can still pay by quarters, but also have the payment options of cash, card or in-app purchasing. According to Greenfield, “In the near future we will be adding some additional monthly wash club options for our customers that included a combo package of automatic and self serve bay time, along with just a self serve monthly package.”

The Splash N Dash mobile app was developed following the complete renovation of the business in 2015, and app users can pay through it, as well as earn loyalty points, send gift cards and more.

Learn more about this Oklahoma-based wash here.

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