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Aluminum use expected to grow in new EVs

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The report, which reflects data collected through interviews with leading automakers, Tier 1 suppliers and aluminum producer companies, identifies five key market themes.

Study: Can EVs can compete on iconic American road trips?

AUSTIN, Texas — Examining the time and fuel costs along iconic trails like Route 66 and California 1, the study offered a variety of insights while investigating if saving money on gas was worth the tradeoff in travel time.

EPA’s proposed pollution standards would boost EV sales

The EPA suggests the proposed standards would save the average consumer $12,000 over the lifetime of a light-duty vehicle.

Wash Talk Ep. 152: Adding EV chargers to your business offering

Host Rich DiPaolo and guest Richard Cooper discuss the potential and growing need of EV chargers for carwash and detail businesses.

Sales of used EVs increase in Q1, per Cox Automotive estimates

ATLANTA — Having more used EVs in the market is a key driver of the volume gains, and product availability will rapidly increase going forward.

Cars.com’s 2023 EV Buying Guide navigates shoppers through the ever EV-olving electric vehicle frontier

CHICAGO —The guide covers everything from financing to features and technology to total cost of ownership.

The top factors holding back U.S. EV adoption in 2023

While EVs are seen by some to offer long-term savings, these savings are not equal for everyone.

Cars.com releases its 2023 top picks for electric vehicles

CHICAGO — Cars.com experts examined the price, range, comfort and features of 40-plus EV models on sale in 2023 to determine the Top Picks for Value, Family, Luxury and Commuters.