TOLEDO, Ohio — Even though the city’s water ban is over, city officials are still encouraging residents to conserve water, and that includes how they keep their cars clean, according to WVTG 13abc.

“A garden hose has about an eight gallon-a-minute flow,” said VP of Express Car Wash Jason Eichenberg, in the article. “So you rinse your car, you soak up the five gallon bucket, you rinse it off, you have 80 something gallons being used.”

Eichenberg says his carwash and detailing center uses about a third less water than a home wash uses. “We’re using between 25 and 28 gallons which is a  big difference so we are using a lot less water consumption,” said Eichenberg.

If residents use less water voluntarily, the city will have time to make necessary repairs and chemicals being used will have time to clean the water.

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