Dencar pay station saves time, maximizes sales

Dencar pay station saves time, maximizes sales

AKRON, Ohio — An on-screen prompt during a single-wash payment initiates the process and completes the monthly subscription in just 10 seconds.

AKRON, Ohio — Every carwash owner wants to keep the lane moving and maximize sales.

Where is the real profit found? Not only in car volume but in monthly wash pass subscriptions.

Imagine the difference an operator could see in monthly pass sales with a point-of-sale system that can convert these sales in just 10 seconds.

You don’t need to imagine, because Dencar Technology installed their Dencar Pay Station at a carwash and sold 700 monthly subscriptions in just 10 weeks, the company reported in a press release.

The speed of sales also keeps cars moving, with the ability to process 120 cars per hour in a single lane.

Dencar Pay Stations remove all the barriers to monthly pass sales, encouraging users to buy and closing the deal lightning fast, the company said.

There’s no need for human interaction; large digital touchscreen graphics are easy to read and intuitive to use.

An on-screen prompt during a single-wash payment initiates the process and completes the monthly subscription in just 10 seconds.

Users need only enter a phone number, insert a credit card and done.

Dencar saves time and reduces (even eliminates) labor.

There’s no more need to manually sell wash passes, install RFID tags, explain options, reset equipment and manage the wash pass environment.

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