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Feel Their Pain

Here’s a little news flash for you… gas prices have been going up.



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Here’s a little news flash for you… gas prices have been going up. As a carwash operator, you have no doubt been worried about how the spiraling cost of gas might be affecting your carwash sales. While no doubt there has been some impact, ongoing studies indicate that it is much less than you might expect. And a very positive trend is the sustained shift away from home washing and toward professional carwashing, as reflected in the ICA’s every-three-year Study of Consumer Car Washing Attitudes and Habits. The fact is that more and more people are choosing your wash over their driveway. Your job is to make their experience at your carwash a positive one and keep them coming back.

At the same time, your customer does worry about the price of gas, and when they are sitting in line at your wash, it is on their minds. If you show support and solidarity with your customers on this issue, they will appreciate it.

Tips to Give Your Customers on Gas Costs

Assuming the national average of 12,500 miles driven per year in a car with 20 mpg and using $4/gallon gas, here are some tips you can share with your customers and the related savings (note that a couple of tips represent items tailored for a mythical carwash called Ted’s that you can adapt for your wash):

  • Lighten the Load — Added weight in your car leads to more gas consumption. Remove any extra items you’re lugging around in the trunk and back seat.
    Annual Savings: $50

  • It’s Not the Indy 500 — Ease up on the fast acceleration and braking, and don’t drive (too far) over the speed limit.
    Annual Savings: $320

  • Change the Oil — And stick to the recommended grade of oil for your car.
    Annual Savings: $50

  • Take advantage of Ted’s Carwash Discount with any gas purchase of $25 or more!
    Annual Savings: $100, based on one wash per week!

  • Replace Your Air Filter — A fresh filter improves airflow to the engine.
    Annual Savings: $250

  • Check Your Tire Pressure — Keep your tires inflated properly to decrease the ‘rolling resistance’ of your car.
    Annual Savings: $80

  • Don’t Get Lost — Plan your route, and use a map or your GPS system to save yourself from circling the area aimlessly!
    Annual Savings: $125

  • Wash Your Car at Ted’s — After all, a clean car not only looks great, it cuts down on wind resistance!

Laurie Sherman is Co-owner of Blendco Systems, LLC. Blendco manufactures a full line of detergents and waxes for the professional carwash industry. You can contact Blendco at: www.blendco.com.

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