GIG HARBOR, Wash. — Donna and Scott Nemmers were so impressed with the way that the Optima Steamer, a South Korean product, worked, that they decided to open Vapor Car Wash, a mobile wash and detailing service, according to   

The steam cleaning system, notes the article, uses less water than traditional carwashes, and eliminates chemical cleaners as well. A wash takes up between 1 to 5 gallons of water per cleaning. “It’s a very remarkable machine and we’re very pleased to bring it to Gig Harbor,” said Donna Nemmers about the Optima Steamer.

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The wash, which is run out of a van, tends to draw a big crowd when it pulls up, notes the article. That is because of the steam that billows out of the vehicle’s interior as the Nemmers work with the steam guns, the article continued.

The pair likes to compare their service to a spa treatment for a car, according to the article. It's all about convenience, said Scott Nemmers regarding Vapor Clean, “and helping our planet to boot.”

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