Extrutech Plastics Inc. introduces a new stay-in-place concrete form for 6-inch poured walls. The Extrutech FORM is 24-inches wide and snaps together for quick installation. This FORM offers an easy-to-clean, bright white, smooth surface on both sides. Contact Extrutech Plastics at 888-818-0118 or visit our website at EPIPlastics.com.





The new PRECI$E POS System (PPS) accepts contact and contactless EMV chip cards,  WEX Fleet Cards, and wireless payments from cell phones. PPS also features a Proprietary Code System (PCS), which allows wash operators to provide customer codes that can be used for refunds, promotions and discounts. All PPS systems offer advanced web browser remote management and text alerts for problem reporting. Contact Hydro-Spray Wash Systems Inc. at 800-528-5733 or visit our website at HydroSpray.com.



Istobal USA is proud to introduce its drive-thru carwash for fleets and dealers. It has a durable five-component system available in multiple configurations. It washes up to 100 CPH with our Link-it foam brush material. It has a low-maintenance, low-CPC, powder-coated all-aluminum frame available in multiple colors. Several other options are available. Contact Istobal USA at 800-336-8795 or visit our website at IstobalUSA.com.