Top New Car Wash Supplies & Car Wash Parts
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Top New Car Wash Supplies & Car Wash Parts

A list of our top picks for new car wash equipment supplies to improve your business.

What are the hottest car wash supplies for this year? We get asked this question all the time, so here is our picks for the list. Some are improvements on existing products, and the rest are brand new ones. You can never rely on old products if you want your car wash to stay competitive; keeping costs low while providing more services is key for making your car wash successful. So here is the list of our top picks for new car wash equipment supplies to improve your business.

LED Car Wash Lighting

To help car washes reduce cost and improve customer experience, this is a winner both ways. Most of the lighting companies have added both wall packs for bay lighting, as well as parking lot flood lighting in LED versions. On average, car wash owners are seeing a reduction of 60 -70 percent in electric cost switching their location over to LED commercial lighting.

Elertus Water Leak Detection for Car Washes

Most car washes have fairly large water lines, so when a leak happens major damage can result.  The Elertus water detection is a low-cost, piece of mind device that can alert you in real time when a leak occurs and send notification right through to your smart phone, allowing the car wash operator to resolve problems with water leaks before major damage can result.

Self-Serve Tire Shiner Systems By Simoniz

Clean, shiny tires have always been important to car owners who love to keep their cars in nice condition. Tire dressing in spray bottles has always been a messy process when applying dressing to tires, both for the parking lot and also the car owner; missed spots with splotchy results spray marks all over the parking lot. Now one of the hottest new add-ons for self-serve car washes is the tire applicator systems that dispenses and applies tire dressing with a brush that is specially designed for even tire dressing coverage. This system applies the perfect amount of tire dressing by atomizing the product at the right mixture; the uniquely designed 45-degree applicator spreads the chemical evenly producing a maximum shined tire.

Crytopay Credit Card Acceptors 

The Crytopay card acceptance system connects your car wash so your customers can use their credit cards at many different areas at the car wash. The system can be used for vending, self-serve bays, vacuums and auto cashiers. Crytopay provides secure card processing by encrypting the card data at the point the card is swiped at the reader. Crytopay also consolidates credit card transactions, so only after the customer is completely finished in the car wash the system will combine all the different swipe points and submit to the merchant processing; this helps reduce the fees on small ticket purchases. The car wash customer can also retrieve their receipts for purchase 24/7 with Crytopays GoGreen service 2 hours after last usage with end-to-end encryption delivering receipts safely online.

LED Car Wash Booms

The LED ceiling boom is a great eye catcher for self-serve car wash bays. These new booms can be synchronized with your wash cycle to visualize your wash program to your customers. The Mosmatic boom also provides additional lighting for the bay adding safety and for your clients.

Wobblehead Aluminum Foamy Brush Handles 

Wobblehead is a new smart brush handle and is a foam actuated foam brush handle. When the foam is not flowing through the handle, the brush head wobbles at the end of the handle making is very difficult to scrub the vehicle. When the foam is flowing through the handle, the brush head becomes rigid and useful for the paying customer. The frustration of watching people use your equipment for free will virtually disappear.  It works with weep and methanol, and is light weight and field repairable.

Laurel Metal Digi Max Display Car Wash Vending Machines

Car wash vending is an important profit center for car washes and supplies important items for the car wash customers, such as air fresheners, towels, glass wipes, etc.  Laurel Vending wanted to improve the customer interaction, so they have designed the new Digi-Max Display with features that help the customer purchase more vending products with a larger dot matrix which displays instructions with language choices, brightness settings to improve visibility in sunlight, a credit card option and vend price settings up to 99.75 per product.

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