A drop of water won’t quench your thirst. A drop of milk won’t be enough for your cereal. A drop of car wash chemical won’t clean your car… or will it?

Today car wash chemistry is advancing rapidly. Concentrated chemicals have been available in the market for awhile now, but with the advancement of technology, these concentrated chemicals are now becoming ultra concentrated. With these ultra concentrated chemicals a drop is no longer just a drop but a valuable asset to your wash. Every drop has become important, therefore, it is important that every drop gets used properly.

With each drop of your car wash chemicals becoming more and more valuable, accuracy is becoming more important as well. You don’t want to waste any of your investment. That is why the delivery of these chemicals to the car wash needs to be efficient, accurate and consistent. Efficiency, accuracy and consistency can be achieved by using a proper application system. A proper distribution system can maintain consistent flow of “solution and water”. This consistent flow of chemical application will help to achieve the even coverage that your consumer desires for a clean, shiny, dry car. The consistency helps to minimize usage and waste while improving chemical performance and show. The ability to customize your wash to meet your needs and the needs of the consumer is something that operators strive for. Providing the consumer a wash that they desire, while keeping the cost to what you desire, is a win/win situation. A proper metering system allows you to adjust the intensity level of color, fragrance and chemicals as needed. If you are running a special promotion and would like to change the colors to give the consumer something new and exciting to look at, or if you want to up the intensity of a fragrance so the consumer can really get that fragrance scent in their vehicle, it is now easy to do in a cost efficient manner.

Ultra concentrated chemical costs are reduced by reducing packaging materials, freight costs, warehouse costs and handling costs. You can also increase your consumer satisfaction by providing greater performance for a clean, shiny car while reducing chemical costs if the chemicals are managed properly.

To manage ultra concentrated products, it requires precise metering systems that do not vary or fluctuate allowing you to easily adjust your product usage with the ultra concentrated chemicals. This micro metering can be very beneficial. Each drop is important to the overall wash that you provide your consumer. Important features to look for in a metering system are the ease of changing concentration, consistent accuracy, reliability, simplicity, made to last with a good warranty. Make sure that the system is created with parts and pieces that won’t be corroded by any chemicals or are at high risk of being exposed to chemical causing them to be destroyed. A solid system is needed to prevent any mishaps that might happen with the chemicals when installing or using the system. Make sure the inlet filter prevents clogging or damage.

So, what’s in a drop? That’s for you to decide. How you treat your ultra concentrated chemicals are important to your bottom line. It’s not just about the chemicals that you purchase but also how they are delivered to the wash and the amount of flexibility that you desire for your consumers and your bottom line.

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