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Carpet spot/stain removal procedure checklist

A step-by-step checklist that workers can follow for carpet spot and stain removal in vehicles.

  • Time is of the essence – get to the spot/stain ASAP
  • Begin by removing excess solids
  • Blot excess liquids – do not rub
  • Always use a white terry cloth towel
  • Starting from the outside of the spot, work inward to avoid spreading
  • Check carpet for color fastness
  • If spot/stain is of unknown origin, use a solvent spotter first
  • If soil transfers to towel, continue cleaning until removed
  • If no soil transfer occurs, spot with all-purpose spotter
  • Remember, grease, oil, and tar can be removed with solvent-based spotters
  • Protein and sugar based spots/stains are best removed with water-based, all-purpose cleaner
  • Gum: use a gum remover
  • Rust: use a rust remover
  • When finished, agitate the area, rinse and blot – a wet vac or extractor can then be used
  • Remove spots/stains before shampooing entire carpet
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