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Customer upset that carwash refuses to pay for the damages

CHESTERFIELD, Va. — After an accident, the customer has been waiting six months for someone to pay for the damages.


CHESTERFIELD, Va. — According to, one carwash customer is upset over the fact that his car was damaged at a carwash in December, but the carwash still refuses to pay for the damages.

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In December, Pharoah Mosby’s son Elohim took his car to Rio Car Wash, but as he was riding through the tunnel, the vehicle on the track behind him slammed into him, the article stated.

The impact left a large dent and scratches on the car’s trunk, the article noted.

Mosby stated that the carwash won’t pay for the damages because, while its surveillance cameras do show the car behind jolting forward and hitting Mosby’s car, the wash says it isn’t clear whether a carwash malfunction or driver error caused the jolt, the article reported.


However, the article continued, when Mosby contacted the owner of the truck that hit his car, he was referred to the owner’s insurance company, Erie Insurance, which in turn stated that the company would not cover the repair, stating that its client wasn’t liable due to “conflicting stories with no independent witnesses.”

“I was floored to find out neither one of them would take care of it,” Mosby said.

The owner of the truck claims not to know what occurred exactly inside the carwash and is standing by what Erie Insurance decided, the article added.

The car remains unfixed, the article noted.

“Bottom line is, I want my car fixed. If the truth has to come forward, if someone has to do it on good faith, I just want my car fixed. I think it’s only right,” said Mosby.


One estimated cost for the repairs is $3,000; Mosby said that his next plan is to go to court in the hopes that a judge will force either the carwash or the insurance company to pay for the damages, the article concluded.

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