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Reach more customers with a pet wash bay

Animal owners can save time and get a clean car and a clean pet at your wash.


Adding on a bay can mean more business for your carwash, and there are lots of different ways to increase traffic with a new bay. Carwash consultant Buzz Glover says pet washes can be extremely beneficial.

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“The first advantage of dog wash bays is that it brings you a different customer,” he says. Also, while dog washes have been gaining traction, the competition in most markets is relatively low or non-existent, he adds.

Because of the trend toward automatic bays in the self-serve segment of the industry, many older self-serve washes can afford to put in pet washes without losing any revenue. Glover says it can be a great way to get more use (and profit) out of unused or underutilized bays as well.

Glover notes that while revenues will not be of the same magnitude with a pet wash conversion than with an automatic bay conversion, the expenses will be far less. Plus, the new customers attracted can also be cross-marketed to become users of the carwash.


“While equipment packages vary, you can plan on spending $8,000 to $10,000 for the equipment for each bay you plan on installing,” states Glover. He also notes that this range does not include any plumbing or electrical costs, and owners will need to build out the equipment room and enclose the bay with commercial glass and/or stud walls. HVAC needs should also be taken into account.

A low-end budget for converting one carwash bay into two pet wash bays will be at least $35,000, says Glover, and revenues can be anywhere from $750 to $2,500 per month.

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