TWIN FALLS, Idaho — Tony’s 2T Auto has been named Time-News’ Readers Choice Best in Car Detailing for the second year in a row, according to

The business has been open for four years, the article stated.

Tony Traveller, owner of Tony’s 2T Auto, said in the article that it is the business’ process, which requires at least two sets of eyes to look over each car before it goes out, that sets his detailing service apart from the rest, the article reported.

“I think we have a desire to make [our customers] happy,” explained Traveller in the article.

In addition to detailing, the business offers full auto repair and drive-thru carwashing, the article continued, and with each service, Traveller keeps customer satisfaction in mind.

“We feel fortunate we have a good customer base and we try to reciprocate that,” Traveller noted in the article.

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