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Woman employs the homeless at carwash

HOUSTON — One woman has been helping the homeless for 15 years through her business.


HOUSTON — According to, Bo Guard Detailing has been employing the homeless for the past 15 years.

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Dorothy Bickham, owner of Bo Guard Detailing, believes that at least 400 people have come to her for help over the years, and she would employ them, pay them, feed them and house them in order to help them get back on their feet, the article continued.

“They are people, and I tell them, ‘When you get here, you’re not homeless no more,’” Bickham said.

They all call her “momma,” the article noted.

“I feel blessed that she accepted me. She accepted me and she didn’t have to,” said Scott Sanders, an employee at Bo Guard Detailing.

Bickham stated that she’s being guided to do this not only by her faith but also her previous experience as a homeless person, the article added.

“They’re human, just like we are, and they need help, a second chance just like anybody else do,” Bickham said.

She notes that she’s had several success stories over the years sprout from these second chances, the article concluded.

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