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Carwash business booms across Bay Area with improved air quality

NOVATO, Calif. — According to, after weeks of having ash collect on their cars, San Francisco Bay area residents are out in force at carwashes.

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Customers filed into Matt and Jeff’s Car Wash and Detail Center in Novato, California, and had such things to say about the matter as:

  • “We were getting ash like snow in San Rafael.”
  • “After all the dust, grime, dirt, muck in the air, then the moisture, it’s time for a clean.”
  • “It was like this thick-like mud on my side windows.”

Matt Broderick, owner of Matt and Jeff’s Car Wash and Detail Center, said it’s not difficult to figure out why people are suddenly coming out, the article continued.


“It’s caustic to the cars; people are trying to get it off as soon as they can,” Broderick said. “Just seeing some blue, feeling better about being outside and so forth — I think it’s working to our advantage at this point.”

Broderick added that the last couple of days have provided the most business the carwash has seen since the start of the pandemic, the article stated.

The case is the same at BlueWave Express Car Wash in San Rafael, California, where a line of dusty cars wrapped around the building, the article noted.

“It’s the busiest since we’ve been here and we’ve been open since 2017,” Manager Ernest Juarez said.

Juarez added that the carwash has been cleaning close to 900 cars a day this past week, and customers are all in agreement, the article added.


“All the ash and all the pollen, and the things over the last month and a half. It’s sticky. Thank God for the blue skies,” a customer said.

“I was at the other carwashes; they were packed also. I was like, ‘Wow today is the day,’” another customer said.

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