CHARLTON, MA — The installation of solar panels on the carwash of a service station here led directly to the creation of a 10-acre solar farm, reported.

The April 7 story stated that the two founders of the farm first worked together when Bruce Forrestall decided to go solar at his Shell location. His solar farm partner Matthew J. Arner was hired to install the 100-panel rooftop array.

"I interviewed five companies. Matt was professional and he did what he said he would do," Forrestall said in the story.

Owner adding solar technology to three washes

Now the pair are working together to create a 7,000-panel farm. The farm will generate enough power to provide for 400 homes.

The $300,000 worth of electricity the site will generate will secure net metering credits for Clark University. While Forrestall sells himself his own electricity generated at his first solar farm, this time he wanted a stable buyer and the university was interested.

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