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Wash Talk Ep. 13: Advancements in Carwash Technology

Tom Hoffman Jr. discusses technology that has revolutionized the industry in recent years and how it is solving traditional problems.

Wash Talk Ep. 12: Accident Preparedness

This audio reading of “Accident preparedness” discusses new automotive technology and how to prevent accidents at your carwash.

Wash Talk Ep. 11: The Potential of IBAs

Jeremiah Hruby of Petit Auto Wash and Jason Hayes of Leadership Industries discuss all things IBA, including pros and cons and operational best practices.

Wash Talk Ep. 10: Multi-site Management

This audio reading of “Multi-site management” discusses how to manage multiple carwash locations.

Wash Talk Ep. 9: Success tips from WhiteWater Express Car Wash

Clayton Clark of WhiteWater Express explains what has made his company become so successful.

Wash Talk Ep. 8: Flow and Grow with Site Design

This audio reading of “Flow and grow with site design” discusses how to choose and design an A-plus location.

Wash Talk Ep. 7: Success tips from Champion Xpress Car Wash and Dale Shine Car Wash

The Merchant brothers of the Champion/Dale brand explain what has made their companies become so successful.

Wash Talk Ep. 6: Analyzing the 2019 Top 50 List

This audio reading of “Analyzing the 2019 Top 50 List” discusses what trends in the Top 50 mean for the industry as a whole.

Wash Talk Ep. 5: Standardizing operations with online training

Steve Gaudreau of Brink Results LLC discusses the ins and outs of online training.

Wash Talk Ep. 4: Private equity in the carwash market

This audio reading of “Private equity in the carwash market” discusses where private equity is, how it affects the market and tips for selling your carwash.

Wash Talk Ep. 3: The threat of oversaturation

Consultant Chris McKenna discusses the dangers of oversaturated markets on individual washes.

Wash Talk Ep. 2: The state of the carwash industry

This audio reading of “State of carwashing” discusses the market’s current mood, consolidation and technology trends.