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High school offers popular automotive class

WINFIELD, Kan. — Students learn how to take care of vehicles’ exteriors and interiors, including detailing, buffing and waxing.

WINFIELD, Kan. — Winfield High School offers Automotive for Everyone, an automotive maintenance and repair class, which continues to be popular among students, according to the Winfield Daily Courier.

The class includes a wide range of topics, like how to check engine, radiator and transmission fluid, how to inspect and replace bulbs, belts, hoses, etc., and how to deal with roadside emergencies, noted the article.

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Students also learn how to take care of vehicles’ exteriors and interiors, including detailing, buffing and waxing, stated the article. The class also teaches financial, tags and taxes information to help students when they purchase cars.

The class aims to teach students basic automotive knowledge to help keep them safe, reported the release.

Local businesses have sponsored the class, shared the article, including Winfield Motor Company, Kline Motors, Marle Snider Motors, O’Reilly’s Auto Parts, NAPA Auto Supply and Winfield Laundry.

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