Preparing for the winter season
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Preparing for the winter season

Doors can help protect your wash during the colder months of the year.


Winter is coming; and, carwashes must be adequately prepared to face the often harsh weather this festive season may bring.

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Having a quality, durable door that is able to withstand poor weather conditions is a crucial component when it comes to being properly armed to battle the fast-approaching winter season.

In a past issue of Professional Carwashing & Detailing, Josh Hart, contributing writer, discusses why doors are an essential part of a carwash business, and how having this equipment can provide year-round advantages, especially in regards to protecting wash equipment during colder months.

“If you operate in a climate that is consistently around or below freezing throughout the winter, doors are a necessity,” explains Hart in the article.


A door that opens and closes quickly between cars is critical to maintain above freezing temperatures inside the wash, which will help to protect equipment, reports Hart in the article, adding that water — a vital element for most carwashes — freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit; so operators must ensure this fundamental resource does not transform into ice within the wash, especially considering most owners/operators invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment.

“A good door package not only opens and closes quickly between cars, but seals off the opening to eliminate any cold air from leaking into the bay when the door is down,” asserts Hart in the article.


Consider the potential lost revenue from having to shut down your business due to cold weather, notes Hart in the article, adding that installing doors can help to keep your business open during winter, resulting in additional profit.

You can read more on the reasons doors are essential for carwashes here.

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