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Carwash Connection: Alkaline, Acidic and Solvent Cleaners

Test your knowledge about these carwash detergent types.

Carwash Connection: Graphene coatings

Insights on the next generation of car care protectants is covered in this video.

Carwash Connection: Point of sale technology

From integrating with the wash tunnel to collecting data on member habits, modern POS systems help washes stay profitable.

Carwash Connection: Controller functions

This episode discusses what functions and benefits modern carwash controllers offer today’s operators.

Carwash connection: Intro to controllers

This video covers what innovations modern carwash controllers offer owners and operators.

Carwash Connection: Ensuring proper drying

No water streaks or spots should be left behind from a properly working dryer.

Carwash Connection: Drying optimization

Reach peak dryer performance with proper care and maintenance.

Carwash Connection: Mini tunnels

AKRON, Ohio — How do mini tunnels compare to their standard counterparts?

conveyors, mini tunnel
Carwash Connection: Flat belt conveyors

AKRON, Ohio — Everything you need to know about the flat belt conveyor option.

flat belt conveyors
Carwash Connection: Tunnel setup

AKRON, Ohio — What to take into consideration when laying out a tunnel.

tunnel setup, conveyors
Carwash Connection: Conveyor length and throughput

AKRON, Ohio — What are the recommended lengths for conveyors and the average throughputs for different conveyor carwash types?

conveyor, length, tunnel, throughput
Carwash Connection: Buying and selling

AKRON, Ohio — What you need to consider before buying or selling a carwash.

buying, selling, carwash, acquisition