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Wash Talk Ep. 210: IGL Coatings in the news with Keong Chun Chieh and Dustin Jackson

In this episode, we hear the latest updates from IGL Coatings, explore the company’s commitment to sustainability, and discuss the strategic fit of new leadership for IGL Coatings USA and plans for future growth.

IGL Coatings in the news with Keong Chun Chieh and Dustin Jackson
Wash Talk Ep. 209: Salespath™ by Rinsed with Kyle Doyle

Doyle shares insights from his research on attendant and customer behaviors during the membership sales process, noting effective tactics and the power of gamification in driving engagement.

Kyle Doyle of Rinsed
Wash Talk Ep. 208: Marketing on a budget with Greg Kerr

Greg shares strategies for carwash operators to enhance their marketing efforts while managing budget constraints.

Greg Kerr, owner of Alchemy Merch
Wash Talk Ep. 207: Mothers® Automated Solutions™ enters automated sector with Bryce Miller

Bryce Miller discusses the company’s strategic move into the carwash market after 50 years in the car care industry.

Bryce Miller of Mothers
Wash Talk Ep. 205: Advanced Camera Technology in Carwashes with Curtis Ray

Tune in as Curtis Ray discusses the importance of high-quality cameras and AI technology in carwash operations.

Wash Talk Ep. 203: Carwash chemistry with Kelly Maria and Larry Azevedo

Larry and Kelly discuss carwash chemistry essentials, key chemicals, surfactants, protectant benefits and future trends, including graphene.

Kelly Maria, vice president of chemical and service operations, and Larry Azevedo, operations manager, of Mark VII Equipment.
Wash Talk Ep. 202: From hotels to carwashes: A journey of innovation and giving back

Viran and Dylan Nana discuss the creation of FlowStat, a system designed to monitor and reduce water usage in carwashes, helping operators save money and conserve resources.

Viran and Dylan Nana from FlowStat
Wash Talk Ep. 201: 5 factors of cleaning with Dave Hill

Hill explores the significance of water quality and proper pH. He also provides practical tips for selecting the right products for optimal results.

Dave Hill, operations support and development manager for Transchem and Turtle Wax Pro
Wash Talk Ep. 200: The rise of carwash graphene with Qual Chem

In this episode, we explore the cutting-edge of carwash chemistry with Qual Chem’s pioneers, discussing the revolutionary Nano Hex and the rising influence of nano graphene in the industry.

Wash Talk Ep. 200: The rise of carwash graphene with Qual Chem
Wash Talk Ep. 198: Defending reclaim systems with Arcadian Services

Mike Gordon and Kipp Kofsky discuss their top innovations for The Car Wash Show™ 2024, including the Reclaim Defender.

Wash Talk: Arcadian services
Wash Talk Ep. 197: Marketing best practices with Amy Olson

Rich DiPaolo chats with Amy Olson from WashCard Systems about top marketing strategies for carwash operators. Discover how to leverage mobile apps, enhance on-site signage, and utilize word-of-mouth for increased revenue and customer loyalty in the carwash industry.

Amy Olson from WashCard Systems
Wash Talk Ep. 196: Creating a winning culture with John Waters

John delves into the crucial topic of building and sustaining a thriving carwash culture. He explores the significance of cultivating a winning culture in today’s carwash industry.

Creating a winning culture with John Waters