Wash Talk Ep. 183: Checking in with Dave Hoffmann at Mammoth Holdings

Wash Talk Ep. 183: Checking in with Dave Hoffmann at Mammoth Holdings

In this episode, we dive into the state of the carwash industry and get some exciting updates from Mammoth Holdings.

Welcome to a new episode of “Wash Talk: The Carwash Podcast.” Host Rich DiPaolo welcomes Dave Hoffmann, CEO of Mammoth Holdings, back to the pod. In this episode, we dive into the state of the carwash industry and get some exciting updates from Mammoth Holdings.

As 2023 came to a close, we explored the company’s achievements toward its initial goals. Our discussion also delves into the current state of the carwash market and its impact on Mammoth Holdings’ growth throughout the year. We explore how the fluctuating economy has influenced wash membership, and whether customer demands or expectations have undergone any significant changes. As we navigate the nuances of the industry, we address the intriguing question of whether sellers were less eager to part with their businesses this year and the contributing factors to any hesitance observed.

Additionally, with an overall slowdown in M&A activity, we uncover Mammoth’s increased focus on greenfield development and receive an exclusive update on de novo plans for the upcoming months. Hoffmann also provides insights into the strategic use of analytics to support “big ideas” in building and buying. Discover if there are specific regions or areas for growth that capture his interest the most as we head into the remainder of 2024. Tune in for an insightful conversation that takes you behind the scenes of Mammoth Holdings and the dynamic world of the carwash industry.

For more information about Mammoth Holdings, visit mammothholdings.com.

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