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Stay competitive without cutting prices

Question: When my competition lowers prices, what can I do to keep my volume and my revenues up?
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Dash kits; another profitable extra service

These decorative enhancements can bring in more money to your shop.
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Controlling labor costs

Ideas for maintaining productivity while decreasing your expenses.
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Can malodors in cars cause road rage?

Charlie Marinella
A look at the problem, as well as the solution, to malodors.
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What you need to know about wax and paint sealants

Debunking the myths and falsehoods of detailing’s most common chemicals.
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Bringing detailers together

PC&D talks to R.L. “Bud” Abraham about his involvement in the detailing industry and the IDA.
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Can our industry embrace waterless washing?

A look at the controversial eco-friendly product that is no longer just a passing trend.
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Detailing in the fast lane

Debra Gorgos
How one detailer profits with quick, quality services.
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The hygienic side of carpet cleaning

For years, the only concern anyone had about cleaning automotive carpeting was appearance. Even with buildings and homes, a carpet wasn’t cleaned until it became dirty, meaning there was no
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Know your soil; know your extractor

Tips for identifying soil residue and choosing the best extractor for the job.
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