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Eco-friendly detailing

Charlie Marinella
Advice for the auto detailer who wants to “go green” in a profitable manner.
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The science of carpet and upholstery cleaning

A step-by-step guide to this profitable detail service.
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Detail business culture

How to get it and why you should care.
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The power of steam

Vapor steam cleaners are the fast, effective and green way to clean just about any vehicle surface.
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Paint touch-up for pros

Allen Squier
The need-to-know info for this customer-pleasing service.
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Step-by-step: Train your staff

Nick Vacco
Train ‘em early, train ‘em often and train ‘em right for detail shop success.
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PC&D presents… The 2008 Detail Operations Benchmark Survey Report

After a three year hiatus, the Detail Operations Benchmark Survey Report is back. We’d like to say its better than ever, but unfortunately, a low response rate keeps us from
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Hiring the right detail employee

David Rogers
Invest time in the recruitment and screening process and you’ll get a big pay out in the end.
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How to get smarter when you're already brilliant

Why you should consider hosting an educational group.
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Retail or wholesale?

Discover how your detail business can make the most money by servicing the right type of customer.
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