BEDFORD HILLS, NY — A carwash here recently began its third year of trying to move from one side of its street to the other, according to Bedford-KatonahPatch.

The Aug. 6 story stated that the zoning board devoted two hours to hearing Splash Car Wash’s appeals for parking and fence variances, and the meeting also included pleas from residents that want them denied.

After the marathon meeting, the group’s chairman scheduled written comments and asked both sides to return in early September. The planning board has scrutinized the wash’s parking, traffic, lighting, landscaping and water consumption for two years now, but it appears close to approving the wash.

Current plans call for the wash to use a side street as an entrance, and this has residents of the street angry. Though plans call for the street to be widened, the residents in the small cul-de-sac say the wash would become a noxious presence that would generate unwanted noise and traffic and drive down property values.

Lydia Donohue, a retired teacher, said in the article the wash is making all of the house values go down. “If this goes through, if you give a variance for this yellow part here, and you put an eight-foot wall up on top of where you blasted off that big, big sheer rock thing, you are going to affect my water, you’re going to affect my basement, you’re going to affect the value of my home. So, I don’t want you to do it.”