DENVER — Before freezing weather arrives here, boats are removed from the water then cleaned and detailed, according to News10.

The Nov. 6 story said that lower water levels have led to an algae buildup on boats this year that is proving more difficult to clean. “These are the dirtiest boats we’ve seen in 19 years,” Joel Shorey, president of Wash On Wheels, said in the story.

New owner surprised by muddy first week

Under normal circumstances, cleaning the boats is an involved process. Professional pressure washing machines used by most boat cleaners generate around 3,000 psi. This year, boat cleaning is taking up to 50 percent more time than before, the story noted.

Many owners choose to have their boats detailed at the same time the underside is cleaned. Detailing can include a buff and polish of the exterior gel-coat as well as seat and carpet cleaning.

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