BILOXI, Miss. — According to the Sun Herald, Joseph A. Rayner, the manager of Popp’s Express Car Wash, has been accused of having embezzled money from cash collections and a company credit card.

Lynn Hammons, owner of Popp’s Express Car Wash, said that Rayner had stolen $10,000 since Sept. 2016; she filed a complaint to the police, and Rayner was arrested on Sept. 7th, the article continued.

Hammons claimed she found a singular discrepancy in her records a year ago on one occasion, but then the losses resumed in January, and she found six falsified bank deposits in June, the article added.

For example, one bank deposit would show $4,500, but the collected money should really have been $5,000, Hammons explained.

“He was a good employee but he paid himself too well,” Hammons said.

Hammons reported that she documents $4,400 in losses before contacting the police; however, she did not want to pay for an audit, the article added.

Police Investigator Matthew DeDual said the initial investigation found more than $4,000 stolen over the course of several months, the article reported, but the investigation is still underway.

Rayner spent a night in the Harrison County jail before being let go on a $10,000 bond, the article concluded.

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