ELK GROVE VILLAGE, Ill. — A new vehicle is a major purchase, and it is something that should be properly kept up to maintain its value and enjoyment, according to a Detailed Image blog post.

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The blogger said that people will come in for work on a newer vehicle and say, “Well, the car is now [one, sometimes they say two or more] years old, and it hasn’t been waxed since new, so I figured it was time.” Waxing should be done more frequently, according to the blog, so it properly protects the vehicle.

Brand new vehicles often don’t get needed protection, due to a lack of understanding from owners. “Waxes, sealants and paint coatings will help protect the paint from the elements, so it’s imperative that a sacrificial layer of something/anything is applied regularly.”

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The blog also writes about people who believe vehicles never need anything but a carwash. The article states that these people don’t realize “that if a car is driven, it will surely get some form of contamination or spotting over time.” Being proactive is a better choice, and then the work a customer will need done will not take as long or cost as much.

The advice the blog gives about new car owners, is to “learn the client’s driving patterns, storage situation and plans for future maintenance.” Once you understand a customer’s wants and needs with a vehicle, it is much easier to understand what services will make them happy.

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The blog also gives more in-depth tips on properly mainating a new vehicle, and how to talk with owners about their needs.

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