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Electric brush station

Mark VII released its Softline 1 electric brush that is energy efficient and simple to use.

The U.S. manufactured Softline 1 electric brush station from Mark VII boasts quality materials, easy to use operation and environmentally friendly features. The stainless-steel base material is strong and withstands corrosion, which guarantees longevity. Stainless-steel is also a 100% recyclable material, adding to the list of environmentally conscious aspects of this brush, such as its energy use. The Softline 1 consumes half the amount of power as a hydraulic pump system, which also eliminates the risk of hydraulic leaks. The design of the Softline 1 is meant to be safe, soft on vehicles and simple to operate and maintain. Each brush on the Softline utilizes its own inverter for precise adjustment of brush pressure on each vehicle. Even with the precise adjustments, the system remains simple to set-up by using an independent run/off/auto switch for each brush. The Mark VII expert service team works closely with customers during installation of their brush systems to ensure user understanding of the product.

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