ERIE, Penn. — GetGo hopes to begin construction on a new store in the town soon, according to

The company wants the Erie Zoning Hearing Board to grant a variance for a sign on the property at its May 12 meeting, noted the article. The request represents the final zoning issue before construction can begin.

Once approved GetGo, part of the Giant Eagle supermarket chain, will build a 5,750-square-foot facility with gas pumps and a carwash, reported the article. It is also awaiting final approval from the city on building plans.

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"We are excited about the possibility to begin construction on a potential new GetGo cafe plus market at West 12th Street and Greengarden Road," Giant Eagle spokesman Dick Roberts said in the article. "We are actively working with the appropriate local authorities to obtain all final permits."

No traffic changes were required for the project, stated the article. Other businesses are planned to develop across the street from the GetGo site.

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