The infographic provided below, and created by the design team at Car Keys, compares Formula 1 (F1) cars to everyday road cars.

Also available on the company’s website,, this infographic features interesting statistics for both car types. For instance, an F1 car has a top speed of 223 mph while a standard car has a top speed of 121 mph.

Another thought-provoking fact: F1 tires cost around $533 (£375) with a life of 60 miles while standard vehicle tires cost about $57 (£40) with a life of 10,000 miles.

The infographic also notes that enough force is generated by an F1 car to drive upside down, and the total car cost for a standard car is approximately $26,553 (£18,695) while an F1 is about $3,411,042 (£2,401,635).

Source: Car Keys

F1 Vs Road Car Infographic

You can also find the infographic here.