TORRANCE, Calif. — According to, Honda is recalling 106,683 Ridgeline pickup trucks in the U.S. because they pose a fire hazard after being cleaned.

The issue comes from the Ridgeline’s fuel pump feed port, which can become corroded over time due to the acids found in some carwash soaps, the article continued.

The corrosion can lead to cracks that would allow gas to leak out, the article noted.

Honda will notify owners of 2017-2019 vehicles and then inspect and, if necessary, replace the fuel pumps and install new fuel pump covers, the article added.

The recall is scheduled for March 7th, and Honda has not advised owners to stop driving or washing their vehicles, the article stated.

Honda is also recalling about 437,000 vehicles in several other model lines for an unrelated fuel pump issues caused by sodium particulates in gasoline sticking to internal components that could lead to stalling, the article concluded.

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