Kleen-Rite launches teaser trailer for new website
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Kleen-Rite launches teaser trailer for new website

COLUMBIA, Pa. — To celebrate the unveiling of its revamped website, Kleen-Rite Corp. released a teaser trailer, which is available on its YouTube channel.


COLUMBIA, Pa. — Kleen-Rite Corp. is planning to launch its redesigned website, according to a press release.

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To help celebrate the unveiling of the revamped look, stated the release, the company released a teaser trailer titled “Kleen-Rite Corp. It’s Newer,” available on its YouTube channel, KleenRiteCorporation.

The description accompanying the video reported that the new shopping cart and website will help make it easier than ever for carwash industry professionals to get products such as soap, spray guns, wax, tunnel cloth, rollers and replacement parts.

The video introduces a carwash employee named Randal. “Meet Randal. Randal works at the carwash. every day he sweeps, empties the trash, scrubs the cars and greets the customers with a friendly smile,” notes the video. “Once a week, Randal goes to the manager’s office to order his carwash supplies from the Kleen-Rite website; but on this day, Randal’s world was forever changed when he saw the new Kleen-Rite website.”


Check out the entire teaser trailer below.

You can also watch the trailer here.

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