SAN DIEGO, CA — Magna-Guard has reacquired all non-coolant/anti-freeze Fluid Rx vital fluid diagnostic technology, copyrights and inventory, a press release reported.

“We are very excited to have not only the original motor oil, transmission fluid, power steering, power brake and gear lube test back with Magna-Guard, but to also expand the technology and create diagnostics charts for new OE specialty fluids,” Magna-Guard President Ron McElroy said in the release.  

McElroy was the original creator of the Instant Lubricant Diagnostic program. According to the release, having the technology back under his control will result in advancing the creation of new OE Fluid Diagnostic Charts.

Fluid RX Diagnostics ups ticket averages by identifying need fluid services, the report says.

 “Anyone who has used our Fluid Analysis products can tell you it bridges the gap between opinion and proof that a fluid is depleted and needs to be serviced or changed,” McElroy said in the release.